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About Embody Deep Democracy

Mission: creating a culture of healthy conflict

About Embody Deep Democracy

Our Purpose We bring deeper awareness and engagement to feeling, imagination, ancestors, spiritual knowing; an intelligence that precedes experiences of colonization, apartheid, or oppression. Through mind⁄body⁄soul awareness, we travel below the everyday rhetoric of difference to find our shared story.

Facilitator Sam Grant on Deep Democracy

Our Work All of us are professionally trained in various disciplines of facilitation, either; coaching, mentoring, counseling, movement building, mediation, facilitating, meditation and healing. We come together as believers in the value of Deep Democracy. Defined as we appreciate it, thereby “all voices” must resound fully in this world. We must welcome these differences, for us to create an alternative to war and embody liberation.

Our Service Providing a space that allows for conflict to be held, nurtured to its resolution. We have four programs that we offer: Institutes, Open Forums, Conflict Facilitation Consulting, and Free Conflict Coaching Circles. We will work with your organization or community as you need.