Embody Deep Democracy





Our Approach

Our Approach to Embody Deep Democracy

Our method, blending World Work’s Deep Democracy and Transformative Organizing, works against an Us versus Them worldview. We all have to heal and heal together in order to share the world. In the 20th century, more than 270 million people (that we know of) died in global conflicts. We have spent a lot of time healing from each other. We need this 21st century to be a space in which we heal together.

Deep Democracy invites us to go deeper into ourselves and into the disturbances that get in the way of us paying attention to our experiences. Being fully present shapes conditions for deeper creativity and harmony.

“Unlike ‘classical’ democracy, which focuses on majority rule, Deep Democracy suggests that all voices, states of awareness, and frameworks of reality are important. Deep Democracy also suggests that all the information carried within these voices, levels of awareness, and frameworks is needed to understand the complete process of a system. Deep Democracy is an attitude that focuses on the awareness of voices that are both central and marginal.” ˜Max and Ellen Shupbach

Transformative organizing begins with an awareness that our current society is oppressive, degenerative, and in need of transformation. Whether in positions of relative privilege or relative disadvantage we are all de–humanized by the status quo. Transformative organizing practices, blended with deep democracy, create an understanding of how we act to keep the world the way it is by internalizing social structures. By shifting how we relate to society we shift it. We set conditions so that folks who are skeptical of each other and in strong opposition to each other can healthfully share and engage each other.