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Jennifer Kleskie Process Work Diplomate

Jennifer Kleskie

Filipina–American Jennifer Kleskie has spent much time attempting to deepen her understanding of the problems that exist in the world. These musings began before the age of 5 years old, as she questioned the whereabouts of her biological parents and perplexed over finding an appropriate response to “What…are you?”

As she grew, she decided there was no better way to proceed in life than to continue pursuing an answer to, “Who are you?” and “What do you think you are doing here, anyway?” These questions led her to explore and train in Process Work. Now, as a certified Process Worker and conflict facilitator she helps to bring a larger awareness to the dynamics that co–create conflict and adversary. While working with individual and family problems, groups and organizations, she addresses issues related to abuse and trauma, poverty and marginalization, interpersonal and trans–generational conflicts. While seeking to integrate various levels of power and diversity awareness, she looks to understand the deeper meaning or teleology behind the conflict rather than maintain the pathological view of the person or identified problem. This is one formulation of how “deep democracy” might be applied.

Jennifer is most thrilled that she has begun to work with a Civil Military Operations School in the Philippines that is dedicated to mitigating the conflict within their nation. This past year she received the Diplomat–Warrior Award from the Philippine Military, a powerful symbol of the nation’s peace–building initiative.

Jennifer is a member of the International Association of Process–Oriented Psychology, is a Process Work Diplomate and holds a Masters in Conflict–Facilitation and Organizational Change.

Email: jkleskie@gmail.com

Mohammad Alarja MACF Graduate

Mohammed Alarja

Palestinian Mohammad Alarja is a conflict facilitator. His original training encompasses; management, entrepreneurship, and accounting. Mohammad has worked in many sectors in Palestine; including the local government as an accountant, general assistant, organizer and entrepreneur. He developed a program for women empowerment and farmers for over six years.

In 2001, Mohammad lost a close cousin, classmates and friends in the second Intifada. Tragedy inspired him to join an organization called “Breaking The Ice”. Here he was involved with a film project aimed to engage the young generation to jointly build a world in which differences lead to progress instead of violence; a world that embraces cooperation, trust and mutual respect; a world in which its people reach out to one another.

Mohammad pursued a Masters in Process Oriented Psychology in the U.S.A.. He continues to work with peace organizations worldwide promoting the values of peace and equality. He is most passionate about bringing the conflicted parts together to work it out instead of fighting each other.

Film: Breaking the Ice — Sahara Journey

Email: mohammad@embodydeepdemocracy.com

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Louis Alemayehu Certificate: 2nd Training

Louis Alemayehu

American Indian and African Louis Alemayehu is a writer, educator, activist, poet, father, grandfather of African and Native American heritage. He facilitates workshops on racism, culture, environmental justice and community building. His writing has appeared in national and international publications such as The International Process Work Journal. Louis is a cofounder of the Native Arts Circle, Ancestor Energy, and Afro Eco. In 1993 he was awarded a LIN (Leadership in Neighborhoods) Grant from Saint Paul Companies as a community based artist. In 2003 the Headwaters Foundation gave Louis an award for life–long commitment to social justice.

Intermedia Arts: Louis Alemayehu: Poet, Educator, Community Organizer

Email: louis@embodydeepdemocracy.com

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