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Guest Speakers

Master Jim Nance Certified Medical Qigong Master

Master Jim Nance

African–American Master Jim Nance is believed to be the first African–American in history to be certified as a medical qigong master. After a decade of intense and dedicated training, often practicing deep–meditation techniques for 12 hours a day or longer, he began using these energy techniques, to assist others in healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He became a teaching associate with Master Chunyi Lin in at the Spring Forest Center. in 1998. He continues to work there holding private sessions and teaching classes.

Jim has also worked with students and inner city youth for more than three decades. He has a bachelor“s degree in elementary education and then a master“s degree in career counseling.

Master Jim Nance — Spring Forest Qigong


SFQ Qissage Experience — Jim Nance

Mankwe Ndosi Singer / Cultural Worker

Mankwe Ndosi

African–American Mankwe is a culture weaver working in expanding the vocabulary of singing, personal/political story and embodied healing. She likes to get dirty, makes medicine from weeds and regularly heals herself by listening to and singing with human and non–human beings. She wants to grow food, end the drug war, and infuse creative practice into daily life, schooling, economic transformation, and new village community building. Ms. Ndosi received her B.S. in Social Studies from Harvard/Radcliffe, and her M.A. from Independent Study with elders and peers from her community in performance, improvisation, transformative organizing, facilitation, somatic experiencing and listening.

Website: Mankwe Ndosi — Blogger.com

TV Interview:
Music and Concept — Mn Original

Music Video:
Mankwe Ndosi — Smile
Out of the Hole — Mankwe Ndosi:vocalist, composer and producer


Email: mankwe@@movementcenterdeepdemocracy.com

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Regina M. Laroche Artist

Regina M. Laroche

African–American Regina is a dancer/storyteller/singer and founder of Diaspora Arts, draws upon years of dancing to Afro–Caribbean rhythms and training in modern dance. Her offerings rise from the intersection of art and the unifying stories of humanity, earth, and spirit; and are shaped by life on a small scale homestead farm, in family, and in community on the edge of Lake Superior.

Born in St. Paul and currently living on Madeline Island, Regina“s world view and art are also influenced by her mother“s South Carolina sharecropping upbringing, her father“s Haitian Afro–Caribbean culture, and experiences with diverse communities. Her most recent emphases include utilizing InterPlay —a practice utilizing improvisational dance, story, and stillness to grow community— and Spiritual Direction to offer creative embodied spirituality experiences in class, retreat, workshop, conference, and worship settings.

Regina believes that our bodies are the common ground from which to dance our connections… with ourselves, the earth, each other, and the universe!


Email: reginalaroche@hotmail.com

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