Embody Deep Democracy






Embodied liberation was the message we spoke first to at the 2007 U.S. Social Forum in an AfroEco workshop. An organization founded by 2 of our facilitators. We combined fire–keeping circles with popular education. Highlighting the values of Ubuntu and Gaia, we helped participants recognize our fundamental connections with each other (ubuntu) and with the earth (Gaia).

Host John Forde speaks with Sam Grant.

We presented again at the 2010 U.S. Social Forum as Co–Motion Cooperative, an adhoc worker coop that came together in 2009–2010 to crystallize embodied techniques to help accelerate change in our personal lives and in society. Random Image

2010 United States Social Forum

In 2007 Zea brought together a team, that formalized in 2011 as Embody Deep Democracy. Zea lead us to design and facilitate a workshop series the serves to support ones ability to welcome the diversity inside ourselves and in others. The EDD project is an outgrowth of 8 years of research in transformative practices. It shares with its partner company the Movement Center for Deep Democracy — a prayer to move the world collectively toward shared healing and social transformation.