Embody Deep Democracy





Embody Deep Democracy

We are a Global Network of Facilitators working to deepen democracy by tending to difference through conflict facilitation.

The journey of human beings is learning to be in relationship well. If we are not appropriately welcomed into our communities, we spend the rest of our lives yearning to connect, but unable. Our team of master facilitators welcomes your conflict, and offers it a home.

As peoples of 3rd and 4th world orientation we have witnessed firsthand the effect that war has on dividing communities. Therefore our work in the world is to manage conflict at its early stages, before it escalates to the magnitude of war.

Come explore conflict as a critical source for innovation and regeneration. Transcend patterns, and tap into conflict as source for wholeness. Conflict that stands unresolved holds us back from our potential. Yet by going into disturbances for insight, we learn to allow new sensibilities to emerge. It is here we generate meaning not found by other means.

Master facilitators will help you: a) bring greater awareness to how you have embodied responding in conflict; b) learn how to make these disturbances useful through transformative facilitation techniques; and c) integrate conflict facilitation work with awareness work; d) to integrate your new skills on real world issues.